Our Cheeses

We make all our cheeses in small batches by hand. We use premium raw Jersey cow milk from Cedar Mountain Farm to harness its natural microbiology for complex flavors in the final product.


A rustic tomme with a beautiful natural rind.

Sagan wheels and wedge

Flavor & Pairings

The flavor is earthy, grassy and slightly tangy with a creamy mouthfeel. This cheese pairs well with white wines, ciders, fresh strawberries, honey, sourdough bread, and pickles.

The Rind

The eye-catching (and edible!) rind is reminiscent of woven-reed cheese forms that were once common in cheesemaking. It can contain a variety of colors from the natural molds and bacteria present in the cheese cave: brown, gray, black, blue, white, and pink among others.

The Paste

The paste of Sagan is a medium firmness with color varying from white to golden. The color variation is dictated by whether the cows were on fresh pastures rich in beta-carotene in the summer months or dried hay in the winter months. A small number of mechanical/gas holes will be seen.

Behind the Name

The astronomer and science writer Carl Sagan first inspired Liz’s love of science which led her towards a career as a medical provider and later a farmer and cheesemaker.


Raw Jersey cow milk (Cedar Mountain Farm in Hartland, VT), salt, calf rennet, and cultures.


An alpine-style cheese with a cider-washed rind.

Liz holding a wheel of Echo

Tasting Notes

This cheese is currently aging in the cheese cave. Check back in December 2023 for more detailed tasting notes as the cheese reaches its optimal flavor window.


Raw Jersey cow milk (Cedar Mountain Farm in Hartland, VT), salt, calf rennet, cultures, and Champlain Orchards cider.